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Meet our Chief Truffle Maker

Jean-Marc Gorce has always loved chocolate.

As a young boy he would obsessively raid the pantry for chocolate, not leaving even a crumb to share. As a result, his mother would often hide her personal stash of sweets. But the curious Jean-Marc and younger brother, Ludvic, would eventually discover all of their mother’s hiding places. When she realized her bounty was diminishing, she would confront the boys, and Jean-Marc would mischievously blame it on Ludvic. Oh, the chocolate struggles of his youth. With hindsight, one can see the beginnings of a truffle maker here.

In France, during the Christmas and New Year's festivities, friends and families greet each other with cheer and merriment and chocolate truffles. As the boys grew older, they regularly participated in this tradition of making but mostly eating chocolate truffles. Every year, their mother would create batches of vanilla-infused, dark chocolate ganache nuggets and roll them in cocoa.

Our bite-sized delights at XOX Truffles build on Maman’s recipe. Chef Jean-Marc adds his own culinary technique and signature flavors to craft each truffle into a delicious and decadent experience.

Drop by and savor one or more of our 26 artisanal flavors, including liqueured, non-liqueured, and vegan chocolates.

Our Artisan Flavors

Each truffle is handcrafted into a delectable bite-sized goodness

Dark chocolate ganache infused with a sweet liqueur

à la Kahlua - dusted with cocoa powder

Amaretto - dusted with cocoa powder

Black & White Ball - coated in white chocolate

Cognac - dusted with cocoa powder

Crème de Menthe - dusted with cocoa powder

Honey Vodka - dusted with cocoa powder

Rum Raisin - dusted with cocoa powder

Sébastien's Champagne - dusted with cocoa powder

Spicy Cayenne Tequila - dusted with cocoa powder

Vin Rouge/Red Wine - dusted with cocoa powder

Dark chocolate ganache

à l'Orange - dusted with cocoa powder

Caramel - dusted with cocoa powder

Citron/Lemon - dusted with cocoa powder

Coconut - coated in coconut flakes

Dark Chocolate - dusted with cocoa powder

Earl Grey - dusted with cocoa powder

Espresso - coated in coffee crunch

Framboise/Raspberry - dusted with cocoa powder

Green Tea Matcha - white chocolate, coated in matcha

Madagascar vanilla - coated in white chocolate

Manila Mango - dusted with cocoa powder

Noisette - coated in hazelnut

Peanut Butter - coated in dark chocolate

Dark chocolate ganache made with soy milk

à l'Orange - dusted with cocoa powder

Dark Chocolate - dusted with cocoa powder

Noisette - coated in hazelnut

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